How to Upload OST File in Microsoft 365 in Simplest Way

In this article, we will talk about how to upload OST file in Microsoft 365 cloud account. We discuss two different methods for importing OST file to Exchange Online (Office 365). If you are searching for moving to Office 365 cloud platform, then this article will surely help you.

Office 365 is a subscription service from Microsoft that includes many more cloud-based services in addition to Outlook and other MS Office programs. If you use Microsoft Outlook, getting an Office 365 account or subscription is highly beneficial because it allows you to access your mailboxes’ additional storage space and open emails from any location or device that is connected to the internet. Therefore, many Outlook users today need to save the data from offline OST files to an Office 365 account. There are two ways to carry out this action: manually and with the aid of outside software.

Why Switch OST Files to Microsoft Office 365 Account?

Users may desire to move an OST file to an Outlook Web Access account for a variety of valid reasons. These are a few of the main causes: A user cannot view an orphan OST file in another Microsoft Outlook email account if it is present on the computer. Therefore, moving the OST file to an Office 365 user account is necessary in order to open it and regain access to the data. Because it corrupts so easily, OST files are not a dependable or trustworthy file format. Data loss could occur as a result of this. Therefore, importing OST to Office 365 as a backup and using it in the event of data loss will be helpful.

Users are searching for ways to open and retrieve orphan OST files as a result. Use the CubexSoft OST to Office 365 Converter program for an error-free and dependable solution. Users can easily and directly upload offline OST files into their Office 365 accounts using this application.

Therefore, I will provide two methods for converting OST files into Office 365. So read through both methods and choose the one that works best for your conversion.

How to Upload OST File in Microsoft 365 Manually?

The method to import OST files into Office 365 is free. Move the OST files first to PST format. The PST files should then be uploaded to Office 365. Let’s learn more about the entire manual procedure right away.

Step 1. Migrate OST to PST

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook and select File > Open & Import > Import and Export from the menu.
  2. On the following screens, select Personal Folder File (.pst) under Export to a file.
  3. Next, select the folders you want to move and then check Include Subfolder.
  4. In order to store the PST file, browse to the desired location and select Finish.

Step 2. Export Outlook PST Files to Exchange Online (O365)

After converting offline OST files to PST format, the PST file must then be uploaded to an O365 cloud account. In Office 365, there are two manual ways to relocate a PST file. Although Microsoft has given its approval to both strategies, they are incredibly complicated and busy. These techniques will be briefly explained below.

Method#1. By Azure AzCopy Way

Install Azure Azcopy first on your computer before beginning this approach. After installation, copy the SAS URL that will grant you access to the necessary permissions for PST file export to Microsoft Azure.

  1. After that, the PST file needs to be moved into Office 365. Check the time the imported file appears.
  2. You can now additionally include a CSV file that maps PST files.
  3. The last step in creating an Office 365 PST import job.

Method#2. Drive Shipping

Users want to copy the content of PST files onto a hard drive that has BitLocker encryption.

  1. Send that physical hard drive to Microsoft.
  2. Microsoft will begin the process of transferring PST files into the Temporary directory as soon as it receives the hard drive.
  3. Once the procedure is complete, users will be given the option to import PST files into their O365 accounts.

What Issues Can Arise While Using this Manual Process?

The procedure of manually uploading OST files to Office 365 is difficult and time-consuming. The manual approach has a lot of drawbacks.

  • To use the manual technique, you must have a high level of technical expertise.
  • This procedure takes a long time.
  • Data loss is a possibility.

Users are aware that it will take a lot of time and work to put these approaches into practise in the real world. Users today don’t have a lot of time to devote to manual processes. Because of this, many consumers do not wish to undergo these laborious procedures. That is why the OST to Office 365 Converter Tool is in such high demand.

Expert Method to Resolve the Issues How to Upload OST Files to Office 365

The OST Converter tool is a potent tool that aids in the conversion of OST to Exchange Online. Direct OST file importation into Office 365 is simple with this software. For the purpose of importing an OST file into an Office 365 account, users do not need to go through a multi-step process. This software also provides additional capabilities like selective file export, folder hierarchy retention, etc.  With only a few easy clicks, it is one of the best ways to export an OST file to Office 365.


The question of how to upload OST file in Office 365 is now one that is frequently asked on many forums. Few individuals are aware of the manual method since users are aware that it is time-consuming and complicated. This article completely discussed the process for their convenience. Users will be able to follow the discussion’s clear instructions and carry out the import of an OST file into Office 365. They have the choice to employ OST to Office 365 Converter if they are not interested in using the manual technique. Your OST file will seamlessly be uploaded into Office 365 using the software.

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