How to find Tech Guest Post sites?

Finding tech guest post sites can be a valuable strategy for promoting your expertise and content within the tech industry. Here are some steps you can take to find such sites:

Google Search:

Use Google to search for tech-related keywords along with terms like “write for us,” “guest post,” “contribute,” or “submit a guest post.” For example, you can search for “Write for + us Technolology opportunities” or “write for us technology.”

Niche-specific Queries:

If you have a specific niche within the tech industry, such as AI, cybersecurity, or web development, use more targeted search queries. For instance, you can search for “AI guest post opportunities” or “cybersecurity write for us.”

Blogging Communities:

Join online tech communities and forums, like GitHub, Stack Overflow, or tech-focused subreddits. You can often find discussions and leads to tech blogs that accept guest posts.

Social Media:

Search on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn using relevant hashtags and keywords to identify tech bloggers and websites that accept guest contributions.

Guest Post Directories:

Some websites compile directories of blogs and websites that accept guest posts. Examples include “My Blog Guest” or “Guest Post Tracker.” While they might not always be up to date, they can provide a starting point.

Competitor Analysis:

Identify your competitors in the tech space and see where they have guest posted. This can give you insights into potential sites that accept guest contributions.

Use Guest Posting Tools:

There are various online tools and platforms that can help you find guest posting opportunities. These tools often allow you to search for blogs by niche and filter by metrics like domain authority.

Email Outreach:

Once you’ve identified potential sites, reach out to them through email or their contact forms to inquire about guest posting opportunities. Be sure to craft a personalized and professional pitch.


Attend tech conferences, webinars, and local tech meetups. Networking with professionals in the industry can lead to guest posting opportunities or recommendations.

Content Collaboration Platforms:

There are platforms like Medium or where tech-related articles are frequently published. You can write and publish your content there and then seek opportunities to republish or cross-promote on other tech blogs.

Final Words

When looking for guest post opportunities, make sure to consider the quality and relevance of the site to your niche. Also, be prepared to provide high-quality, informative, and well-researched content, as this is more likely to be accepted by reputable tech blog. Additionally, follow the submission guidelines of each site, and build genuine relationships with the site owners or editors to increase your chances of being accepted as a guest author.

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