Can You Recover Files After Formatting External Hard Drive?

Recover Files After Formatting External Hard Drive Easily

In today’s world of technology, we have become more dependent on gadgets. All the important information, such as emails, documents, images, audio, and video files, is stored on the hard drive. We know that a Hard drive file is a storage device that is used to store files for the operating system, software programs, and other valuable data. Your computer will not work properly without a hard disk installed.

However, in some cases, users need to format the hard disks. So it is important to have a backup of hard disk data. In case the user doesn’t have a backup of data, the user has to look for the best software to recover files after formatting external hard drive to avoid data loss situations. Let us understand with the help of users’ queries.

User’s Query for Formatted Hard Disk Recovery

I was using Windows 8 PC, but because of Amazing features in Windows 10 operating system. I had upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 machine. While upgrading I formatted my hard drive file without taking any data backup. Can anyone tell which is the best software to retrieve lost data from a hard drive? Thank you in advanced!

If the above query sounds similar to you, You are also searching for the perfect solution to recover files after formatting the hard disk. If so, you are on the correct web page. In case you have lost your valuable data, here is good news for you! Whatever the reason behind your data loss, Users can easily recover permanently deleted files from the hard disk. In this blog, we will discuss why a hard disk fails and needs to be formatted. We will explain how to recover deleted PST files from a hard drive. We will also discuss the solution to this problem by using the best software to recover files from a formatted hard drive. Let’s now move on to the solution part.

Reasons Why Hard Disk Fails and Needs to Be Formatted

  • Hard Disk Crash Issue: The hard disk might fail or crash in the case of Improper ventilation in the CPU. In such cases, the user can hear clicking noises from the device.
  • Unstable Power Supply is Also Responsible: Unreliable power sources, such as too high or too low voltages, can also cause failure of the hard disk drive. As a result, you need to format your hard drive before using it.
  • Corrupted Files: A sudden or dirty shutdown of the computer system can also cause failure in the hard disk file. Sometimes the virus is also responsible for the corruption of the hard drive’s files. And as a result, you have to format the hard drive.
  • Human Error is Also Responsible: if the user accidentally formats a hard drive without taking a backup, this can also cause the system hard drive to fail.

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Note: In the event that the user’s hard drive is accidentally formatted, it can still be recovered by using the best software to recover data from formatted hard drives. Because files deleted from the hard disk drive can be found in the same place. It is labeled with a zero in the file table, so these files can be easily recovered from permanently deleted Word documents on the hard drive as long as the information is not overwritten. The most important thing for the user to do is choose the best computer data recovery software to Get back permanently deleted photos. Let’s come to the methods part now.

Alternative Solution to Recover Files After Formatting External Hard Drive

In order to recover data from formatted hard disks, the user can prefer SysTools Hard Drive Recovery Tool, which is the best software to recover virus-infected files from hard drives. This software can easily recover files and folders from formatted hard disks. The user can easily recover the most valuable items, such as important documents, photos, videos, music, etc. The tool is compatible with FAT, exFAT, and NTFS file systems. This application is supported with all versions of the Windows Operating system

Step-by-Step Process to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Disk

  • Download and Launch Hard Disk Recovery Software.
Hard Drive data recovery
  • Now choose the partition and hit the scan or Formatted Scan button.
Select the Scan and Formatted
  • The user can view complete scans and progress reports.
Scanning Process Completed
  • Choose the folders from the left panel and view the complete data in the right panel.
Preview all data files
  • Select the Save to save the recovered data.
save recovered files

Time to Conclude

Recovering data from a Formatted hard drive is a difficult task, but we have provided the solution by using the best software to recover files after formatting external hard drive. So by performing the above-mentioned steps, the user can easily recover files after formatting an external hard drive.

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