5 Steps to Convert Maildir to PST Free


Do you want to convert Maildir to PST free but do not know an appropriable way. Due to lack of awareness users often get confused how to import Maildir format to Outlook. After reading this blog, you will be able to convert Maildir files to Outlook without facing any difficulty. So, I would recommend you to follow this article thoroughly.

Maildir is an internet –based file format that saves data over securely over the server. Although it quite beneficial format, sometimes it becomes tough to get access Maildir emails. Besides that, there can be multiple causes behinds file conversion from Maildir to PST. While on the other side, Outlook is very popular email app that provides convenience to the users to manage Mailbox items.

CubexSoft Maildir to PST Converter is the perfect app that converts multiple Maildir files to PST format effortlessly in a minimal time. And it also ensures 100% outcome results. I will elaborate all the points later. First let’s discuss the 5 steps to convert Maildir to PST free.

How to Convert Maildir to PST Free? – Follow These Guidelines

Step1: Firstly you need to install Maildir Converter on Windows then open it to start.

Step2: There are dual options available on the screen “Add Files” and “Add Folder” that allows you selecting multiple files and mail folder respectively.

Step3: Thereafter, choose the required Maildir files one by one from the added files. And then go to “Export” option and select desired PST output option.

Step4: Now add filter options like dare range, email filter( to, from, subject) and exclude deleted file. Then in the step choose the desired saving option with “Browse” option.

Step5: And lastly click “Convert” button which immediately start the procedure. After a while users receive a success notification press “Ok” and end task successfully.

What Features Maildir to PST Tool Serves to the Users?

Maildir to Outlook Converter provides dual way for loading Maildir files and folder. It eases batch file migration from Maildir to PST at once. This app import Maildir files & Maildir ++ files of Dovecot, Mutt, Postfix, and KMail, etc. It is easy to use software that users who have no technical skill can also accomplish migration task with ease. For a selective file export, users have checkbox facility so that they can select file of their choice one by one. And also by adding filter like date range, to, from, subject and exclude deleted file it is possible to implement selective conversion. The destination path for the output files can also be decided by the users as per their preference. The complete conversion report displays instantly at the end of the conversion process.

End Note This app is operable on all editions of Windows Operating System like Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows 8.1, etc. I hope all your doubts regarding Maildir to PST conversion have been wiped out, users should opt for a demo facility to gain complete clarity on how to convert Maildir to PST free. Free demo is permissible to convert 25 Maildir files to PST format for free of cost.

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