How Do I Merge All My Contacts At Once?

Do you know how do I merge all my contacts at once? I am dedicating this write-up to provide you the suitable solution to resolve this. As we know, to merge multiple contact files into a single contact file, there is a manual way available. However, when it comes to combine multiple VCF files into one, manual method totally fails. as it includes much limitations. So here I will give you an expert technique to merge multiple VCF files into one. That would be sufficient enough to set you free from restrictions imposed in manual method.

vCard which is also known as a business virtual card. It is a contact file that has all details of a user such as name of a user, email address, phone number, home address, etc. This format of contact is supportable by large number of email clients. A .vcf file (Virtual Contact Format) contains some very sensitive details and there can be multiple contacts can be saved in a single VCF file. The personal information of users must not be harmed, so by keeping this point into consideration I would recommend you to choose CubexSoft vCard Merger Tool.

How Do I Merge All My Contacts At Once? – There are Two Techniques

Following are the working steps to merge multiple VCF files into one are given:

Step1: Firstly launch vCard Converter.

Step2: Now use either of it “Add Files” or “Add Folder”.

Step3: After adding required data deselect the unnecessary files by “Remove” and “Remove All” options.

Step4: Now go with Merge vCard option then choose saving path for the resultants.

Step5: Lastly press on “Export” button.

What’s So Special About vCard Merger Software?

It is a direct method to merge unlimited VCF files into one.  As there are availability of two options that enables loading multiple VCF files and VCF folder very conveniently. This option make user capable to choose files on a selective basis. This method to merge contacts files has user-friendly features that ease the procedure of merging very well. And this tool is compatible with vCard of 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0 editions. This app is a trustworthy approach that maintains all contact detail safe and secure.

The software gives convenience of selecting the path for merged resultant VCF to the users, as they can easily browse the location accordingly. The software allows exporting contacts from various mediums such as computers, email clients (Thunderbird, Eudora, Outlook, SeaMonkey, emClient, and Couriers etc.) smartphones, cloud-based apps(Google Workspace, Office 365, IBM Verse, Yahoo, iCloud, and Mail.com etc.) and mail servers CommuniGate Server, Exchange Server, Zimbra Collaboration Suite, HCL/Domino Server, etc.) also.

Wrap Up

Users must opt for free demo version to know how do I merge all my contacts at once. As a free trial it is permitted to combine 5 contact files free of cost. This software matches with Windows Operating System – Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 11, Windows XP, and Windows Vista, etc. I hope all queries of yours have been solved for sure.

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