Which Backend Technology to Choose in 2023? Node vs. Python?

When it comes to choosing the right backend technology, it creates confusion in mind about which one to choose. At that time as per the requirements of the website, which will enable the smooth creation and maintenance of the website, backend technology is chosen. Backend technologies are mandatory for the proper execution of web application and it focuses on improving the hidden aspects of the website. There are two famous technologies that are widely used and both of them were developed with different objectives. Moreover using the right backend technology can handle increased traffic, and functionality without compromising the performance. Moreover, choosing the right backend technology should be the priority, because it protects your data from malicious attacks on websites or applications. 

What Is Node.js?

Node.js.  Is a technology that can be run outside of the browser with the use of Javascript on a desktop or server. You can use it on different operating systems and devices to create games, APIs, chatbots, and web applications. It is very fast and powerful compared to Python and it is based on the Chrome V8 version. As Nodej.s. Operates on the single-threaded event loop, and all the executions become non-blocking. 

Benefits of Node.JS:

Node.JS. Is a lightweight runtime that creates light-fastening apps able to produce results in minutes. Node.JS is a proven way to for time-saving operations that cut down the time developers. 

As Node.JS Is written in C++, it can rapidly and efficiently convert Java code to the machine. Node.JS is easy to learn, because it is based on javascript and most front-end developers are familiar with this language. Node.JS Is available to use for both client and server sides in JavaScript which means it requires fewer files and code as developers can use it for reuse for frontend and backend development.

Organizations that want to grow and scale their product, can use it because Node.JS Is able to support microservices architecture. To grow an application, you can add microservices on the top of the application that already exists instead of making changes in the entire application.

Node. j.s is helpful in maintaining the performance of the application at the time of high traffic without compromising the quality because it supports event-driven programming. Many large companies like Amazon, Netflix, Google, and Facebook have contributed to the development of Node.JS  Not only Node. j.s is accessible on all the major platforms such as Linux, Windows, and macOS with one code base.

Node. j.s is getting popular among learners day by day due to its demand in the job market for skilled employees. There are many people who want to learn this skill or to use it, but keeping in mind the current situation, sometimes the demand for such dedicated developers exceeds than supply. At that time it becomes hard to find the right candidate for the right position, who is a perfect fit for the position.

Limitations of Node.JS :

Not everything can be perfect. Three limitations of Node.JS are as under:

Unable to handle heavy tasks:

One of the biggest drawbacks of Node. j.s . is that it can’t handle to process heavy CPU-bound tasks as it utilizes all available CPU firepower to process the request. Node.JS Has also introduced the worker threads module, which allows developers to execute multiple threads at the same time.

Lack of Library Support:

In the system of Node. j.s There is no monitoring system to recognize the files that have large amounts of packages and modules in the Node Package Manager. There is a lack of a library system in contrast with other programming languages due to which the files can’t be removed from it. To overcome this drawback, you need to hire a team of developers who are qualified in NPM and Node.JS

Tons of Nested Callbacks:

Sometimes Node.JS gets nested with one another due to heavy call nesting which causes complexity in understanding and maintaining the code. According to the developers’ community, Node.JS allows other code to run in the meantime after a task in the queue is finished, which can lead to callback hell. It is a sign that there is a lack of experience within the team and shows their inability towards poor coding standards. To overcome this, the company needs to hire Node.JS Programmers who know this runtime inside and out.

Unstable API:

Node. j.s need to constantly update the existing code with newer one because it implements changes frequently which are connected to APIs. New APIs come with several incompatible changes which are not reliable and could be 

most challenging for the developers. The developers have to spend their time crafting the solution for the same and also need to spend extra time at extra cost.

Lack of Experienced Developers:

As discussed above, the demand for talented developers is increasing more than the supply. Every year thousands of students strive to join to get a prime post in the industry and to stay ahead in the market. It is hard to identify the right candidate who can match the skills related to your project. 

Node. j.s Development Services:

As we know Node.JS Uses the Java script-powered runtime which is solution-focused, real-time, and user-centric. There are many top Node.JS Development companies that provide various services. Node.JS Development Services include the following:

  • Custom Node.JS Development
  • Node. js mobile Application Development
  • Node. js for Backend Development
  • Node. js API Development
  • Node. js Plugin Development
  • Node. js Consulting Services

What Is Python?

Python is considered one of the most popular languages which is easy to use and flexible language. It is a programming language that is used to build websites, analyze data, and automate tasks. Python is not limited to any specific problems and it is used to create various programs. Just because Python is easy to learn, it is adopted by a number of non-programmers like scientists and accountants to complete their daily tasks such as organizing finances.

Advantages Of Python:

Easy to read and write:

Unlike the Java and C language, Python is easy to understand for beginners, because the structure of it is like the English language. Compared to other languages it is a high programming language, but due to its easy learning, it can be executed faster than other languages.

Increased Productivity:

As discussed above, Python is simple in nature, so it helps developers on focusing the issues and in solving them. It is helpful in increasing productivity because the users do need not to spend hours to understand the syntax of the programming language.


It is convenient for the users to develop new sort of applications because Python supports them to try new things. Unlike other languages, Python language doesn’t restrict users from trying something new. 

Supportive Community:

The Python language was developed years ago, so it is a mature community that supports every kind of developer. Python is growing rapidly than any other language due to enough guides tutorials and documents available to its users to understand it easily.

Drawbacks of Python:


Python is slower compared to other languages because each line of the code needs to be explicitly ordered. Where there is a need for speed, python can’t be used because it is time-consuming and it slows down the process.

Memory Consumption:

Python is not the right choice for users who want to optimize their memory because it has a very high memory consumption. Python is flexible, due to which it uses a large amount of memory.

Runtime Errors:

Python users have faced errors in the language during runtime and at the time of language design. It needs to be tested often because the language is dynamically typed. 

Python Development Services;

There are many web development companies and Python Development companies that provide Python development services to clients. Their services include the following:

  • Web Development
  • Application Development
  • Data Analysis
  • API Development
  • Python Migration
  • Python Backend Development
  • Python Support and Maintainance etc.

Node.js. vs. Python

It is a little bit hard to decide both Node.JS vs.Python, which one is best and which one to choose. Because both of them are popular technologies for back-end development. It completely depends on the developer which programming language is preferable for them.

Python was introduced in the year 1991 while Node.JS was released in the year 2009.

Node.JS. Is not a programming language while, python is a programming language.

Node. j.s is used to develop frontend and backend development, while Python is used to develop complex web data, automation, backend, and big data.

Node.JS. Is faster, because it uses Javascript while Python is slower compared to other languages.

Node.JS. Is mainly used for cross-platform applications while Python is suitable mainly for desktop applications.


It is not easy to decide between Node.JS and Python, because both of them are strong in their own way. So this issue will go on. According to the requirements of the project, users can make a choice that which one will be suitable for them. If any client doesn’t require coding but wants to accomplish memory and data-intensive projects Node.JS Is a perfect choice. On the other hand for the larger product Python’s clean code and simple structure are useful. In short, each of them has pros and cons, but choosing the right team and the right backend language is halfway to success.

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