Trusted Solution to Analyze Outlook PST files Without Outlook 

Smpupm | There are several users who are wondering how to analyze Outlook PST field without Outlook. But, the technical problem will not be able to overcome them with these type issues. So, today we are here with amazing solutions to make this task easy & simple in just a few clicks using two different methods. 

“Hi, I want to open my PST file without Outlook. But, I use Thunderbird on my system as my personal email application. This file is provided by my close friend of mine so that I could analyze some things before finishing the task. Please anyone suggest an appropriate way for me to come out.”

After understanding the above users query we learn that users are facing technical challenges while performing this analyzing PST files without Outlook task. But, no need to worry! Here you will get all the possible solutions. Let us start with some common reasons! 

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Common Reasons For Analyzing PST Files Without Outlook 

There are many reasons why a user needs to explore Outlook PST files without Outlook. Some of them are listed below just take a look: 

  • In some cases, the Outlook application is not installed on the user system and receives PST files from other people or customers. So, in case, it arises the need to open a PST file without Outlook. 
  • The orphaned PST file on their system and wants to analyze the contents of the PST file. A user has replied to an automated way to open and view an orphaned Outlook PST file without Outlook. 

Now, it’s to move towards the solution and know the quick solutions to make user tasks technically free. So, we are going to start with a manual method and then move towards the automated tool.  

Manually Explore Outlook PST File Without Outlook 

If you want to perform this task using a manual method then, check the below mentioned instructions to use this method. Below, you get three faces to perform this task. Go step by step to know better about the solution.  

Phase 1: Open a PST Files in Outlook 

  • Firstly, start the Outlook Application.
  • Choose File >> Open & Export >> Open Outlook Data File from the File menu.
  • Choose “Outlook Data File (.pst)” and click to “Open”

It will display in your Folder Pane after opening it.

Phase2: Opening an PST File Without Outlook

The PST Emails should be saved as HTML and opened in a web browser. See below how to Open PST files as HTML?

  • Open MS Outlook on your system. 
  • Choose an appropriate email address.
  • Now, choose “Save As”.
  • Choose HTML as your preferred format. 
  • At the end, save the file. 

Phase 3: How to Open PST File in Gmail Account?

  • Go to Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook tool’s official website and download it on your PC.
  • Click on Allow to give the tool access to migrate.
  • Migrate an Outlook user profile or PST file. Now, press the “Next” button.
  • Select data that you want to move ( calendar, contacts, emails, etc). Select Migrate from the Drop-Down menu.
  • Click on the “OK” button.
  • Double-check the preceding process, log in your Gmail account and see if all your PST items have been imported successfully.

Now, after performing this manual method, users are still not getting an appropriate solution to come out. So, our experts recommend an automated solution to analyze multiple PST files without Outlook without installing any other application on your PC. Let us take a look for the same! 

Professional Method to Analyze Multiple Outlook PST Files 

If you are a non-technical user and searching for a best way to open and view PST files without Outlook on your system. Then, try this FreeViewer PST Viewer Tool that allows you to preview Outlook PST emails along with attachments. Also, provide options to browse Outlook PST emails in a precise manner. This tool is compatible with both technical and non-technical users to make their task easy & quick without facing any hassle. 

Moreover, this tool has many more advanced features to come out with these kinds of issues without facing any technical challenges. Users can freely trust this automated tool to analyze single or multiple PST files without Outlook installation on their system. So, without wasting time just go with this tool and get a resultant result for your problems in just a few clicks.  

Now, below we have discussed the easy steps to make this easy-to-use for every user. 

Working Guide For Exploring PST Files Without Outlook 

Follow the below working steps to analyze the bulk .pst file with or without Outlook application installation on your Windows system.  

  • Download tool on your Windows machine. 
  • Provide File Path to Browse PST file
  • View “PST File” emails with attachment
  • Finally, preview of multiple modes to browse PST files.

Observational Verdict

In this technical guide, we have discussed all the possible and tested solutions to analyze Outlook PST files without Outlook. Here, we have two methods: a manual and automated solution for analyzing the bulk PST files on your system. So, as per our expert suggestion get go automated tool this utility provides instant solution for your issues without losing any data. 

Also, provide advanced features to make this task simple. On the other hand, if you want to perform a manual method then, there are technical challenges for non-technical users to finish this task on time. Just start reading this blog post and choose the solution as per your requirement.  

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