How to Retrieve Deleted Pictures from External Hard Drive?

Are you looking for a way to retrieve deleted pictures from external hard drive? We always prefer that you keep a backup of your data. Backups are always useful in case of system failure, virus attack, or disk damage. But what if the backup you created also loses some data (like your precious photos)? It is clear that you have found out how to recover deleted photos. Have you ever lost memories of unique events from your external hard drive?

Photographs are magical records of moments captured and frozen. Unfortunately, photos, like other digital files, are susceptible to data loss regardless of storage device, including internal and external hard drives.

This article explains various methods that you can use to restore deleted photos or images from your hard drive.

User Query

Recently, the photos and videos in my subfolders disappeared, and I didn’t delete them. The subfolder remains in its original location but does not contain images or videos. I checked the drive online and offline and tried to restore it, but nothing helped. Since I didn’t make any changes, I don’t know when the image disappeared. Please help me if you find any useful tips to recover my photos and videos. I keep it somewhere other than OneDrive.

Possible Causes of Hard Drive Failure or Data Loss

Hard drive failure can occur for various reasons. The cause can be anything from improper handling to mechanical failure, including the following:

  • File system corruption or hard drive conversion from NTFS to FAT
  • Damage to the metadata structure
  • Viral infection
  • Accidental deletion of internal or external hard drive images
  • A laptop or PC suddenly turns off when viewing photos from hard drive
  • Then disconnect the external hard drive during image transfer or interrupt the image transfer process in the case of the internal hard drive.

The hard drive is accidentally formatted due to the error “The hard drive is not formatted. Should you format it now?” Connect the hard drive to your laptop or computer. To solve this problem and recover photos from your hard drive, you will need photo recovery software.

Before we continue discussing ways to recover photos from a hard drive, we also need to understand what kind of damage can happen to a hard drive.

Recovering Photos or Images from Hard Drive in Four Ways

Here are some practical tips to easily recover deleted photos from a Windows hard drive and deal with data loss the right way.

Method 1: Retrieve Deleted Pictures from External Hard Drive with Professional Software

FreeViewer Windows Data Recovery Tool, one of the best Windows data recovery software, helps you find, view and recover lost photos in all data loss situations, such as format recovery, lost partition recovery and recovery. raw division.

The software is compatible with all Windows systems, including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, etc., and supports finding and recovering hidden files from external hard drives due to formatting, deletion, or lost partitions on various media, such as hard drives. internal and external hard drives. Hard disk (removable), U disk, digital camera, memory card, SD card, etc.

  • Download the software on your Windows machine.
hard drive data recovery
  • This tool also supports the recovery of deleted, corrupted and formatted data from the MAC OS HFS+ file system.

NOTE: When connecting an external hard drive to a computer, Windows will then display the message, “The drive needs to be formatted.” However, you do not need to click the Format Disk button. Otherwise, your information will be deleted permanently.

  • This tool offers two different options to scan your drive: Scan and Scan Format Click to scan.
Scan Options
  • The tool will start scanning the HDD and display the scanning status in percentages.
Scanning Process
  • Once the scan is complete, the program will display all recovered data in the left panel and highlight the folders containing the data in bold. Data items deleted using the Shift key will be highlighted in red.
display all recovered data in red
  • View all recovered data in the Hard Drive Recovery window.
  • If you only want to save a few selected images, select all the files you want and click Save. Click the “Save” button to save your fully recovered photos and other items.
view all recovered data

Method 2: Recover Photos from the Trash or Recycle Bin?

Unless you permanently delete photos from your computer’s hard drive, they will remain in the recycle bin. You can search for the items and click Restore”.

Step 1: Open your recycle bin on your computer system.

Step 2: Enter the image name in the search box, right-click the image and select “Recover”. Or you can select the photos first and then click “Restore Selected Items” in the toolbar.

Method 3: Recovering Hard Drive Images Using a Backup and Recovery Tool

If you have already backed up your photos on your computer, you can recover deleted photos from an external hard drive without any software. If you don’t have a backup plan, try this feature to find your deleted photos.

Back up your files:

  • Click Settings > Update & Security > Backup.
  • Select “Other” to add the drive.
  • Select the target drive. After this, the file history backup will begin.

How to recover deleted photos:

Step 1: Find or search for recovered files in the search box. Press to open it.

Step 2. Select the selected items and click the green button to restore.

Tips and Tricks protect your data 

  • Do not move the computer during use.
  • Sometimes a sudden increase in temperature or humidity can damage the hard drive and cause the loss of stored data. To maintain the temperature of the hard drive, place it in a well-ventilated area. If it’s a laptop, never place it on a surface that blocks ventilation.
  • A sudden system shutdown or insufficient power supply may result in data loss from the hard drive. Therefore, if this happens to you, connect a UPS or voltage stabilizer to your computer.
  • Protect your system from viruses by using an antivirus program that is updated with the latest virus definitions.
  • Regularly back up all important data.

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Conclusion Line

The discussion above shows how to recover permanently deleted photos from your computer’s hard drive. Data Recovery Wizard has proven to be a great resource for the entire photo loss process.

The software provides advanced data protection for all files that may be accidentally lost and can be used to recover deleted photos. Download the free app now and learn how to better protect your valuable digital assets.

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