How to Quickly Search Inside PST Files Without Outlook? – Easy Tips! 

Smpupm | Summary: In this pretty blog, we will discuss all the possible solutions for users to easily search inside PST files without Outlook. Here, both the technical and non-technical users can easily use the automated solutions without losing any data.  

In some cases, the user needs to search PST files without the Outlook application. And, sometimes, it becomes a complicated task for users to browse PST files. However, PST is a file format Microsoft programs used to store items like Calendar, Events, Contacts, and Email Messages. It is stored within popular Microsoft tools like Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Outlook. 

Read this article, carefully to get an appropriate solution to find inside PST files without any Outlook installation in Windows OS. So, firstly we are going to discuss the users query and then reasons why users need to search inside Outlook PST files. 

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User Query!  

“Hi, I am Johan, and I am working as a Data Analyst. I have some Outlook 2016 and 2019 data files to filter the emails and save them into PDF format. But, I have no idea how to overcome these problems. Please, anyone, guide me to search inside PST files without the Outlook application.”  

Common Reasons to Search PST Files Without Outlook

There are several reasons behind searching & finding the PST files without Outlook application installation. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Searching for a message inside the PST file that is misplaced. 
  • You can search & find for attachments within PST files.
  • It consumes a lot of users’ time for messages sent or received.
  • Users can find messages with specific parameters.
  • Search a series of messages from a particular sender or individual users. 

Because of some common reasons users move in searching inside Outlook PST files. Now, no need to worry! We have an expert recommended automated tool that provides you with a resultant result for any kind of issues. 

Automated Method to Search & Find Outlook PST Files 

To overcome these issues we have an amazing PST Viewer Pro Tool that is capable of searching inside PST files without Outlook installation. There are no file size limitations to find PST files in bulk with or without Outlook. This tool provides you two modes: Quick Scan & Advance Scan for easily scanning data.   

Moreover, it also provides several options to preview attachments of PST files, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Emails, Tasks, & Journals. Both the technical and non-technical users can easily perform this automated tool without any technical restrictions during the process. Download this hassle-free tool for easy finding or searching of bulk PST files without the Outlook application. 

Now, below we have software working steps to make tasks to quickly search inside PST files without any application installation. Let us take a look below! 

Search PST Files With Easy Working Process 

Follow the below working process for finding Outlook PST files in just a few clicks. Check the steps mentioned-below: 

1. Install & Run the Software on your Windows system.

2. Now, Add “PST File” to Export into PDF format.

3. Preview “Outlook PST Data” Items: Contacts, Emails, etc.

4. Finally, Export Options: PDF & Print option. 

After successfully finishing the searching process. The automated tool has advanced features also for easy tips. Let’s begin for the same! 

Different Techniques For Searching Within PST Files

For advanced search it is a powerful technique that is provided by automated tools to search & find inside a PST file without Outlook from one sender, from one person, from one receiver, etc. It provides several search filters such as AND, OR, NOT to get better and resultant results. Check below:  

Search by Keyword (General Search): To help users to search inside PST files without Outlook using the matching keyword, giving an accurate information for it.  

Search by Saved Result: It helps users to recall the words you’ve already been searching for the variations you’ve found, and any new words encountered in searching a result that you want to use later in your searches.

Searches by “Add Criteria”: This tool enables a specific entity looking for documents, attachments, schedules, and so on. 

Search by Look For: It helps you to search & find selectively within Mail, Attachments, Calendars, Altogether at once.  

Observational Verdict

In this article post, we have explained a reliable solution to “Search Inside PST Files Without Outlook” in a hassle-free way. Use the automated tool for easy & instant solutions in just a single click. This tool provides advanced features and easy working steps for technical and non-technical users. You can easily find multiple Outlook PST files  without Outlook installation on a Windows machine. Read this blog carefully without facing any hassle. 

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