Yourtruewords | Send or receive secret files or ngl messages a very cool confession website with lots of cool features to send and receive secret files or ngl messages and lot more other stuffs…

Presenting yourtruewords which is a very cool and easy to use web app made for youths so that they can easily do their confessions, receiving or sending ngl secret to friends or other users or chat anonymously with them and many more stuffs…

Craziness of this website is rising among youths📈

Enhance Your Anonymous Messaging Experience with YourTrueWords

ngl yourtruewords

Have you ever guessed how can you do your confessions anonymously or send or receive secrets?

You might be surfing lots of other websites for how to receive secret messages but the features in that websites are too less…

So, you might we wondering which web app to choose? And what are it features.

Relax dear. You have reached your goal.

Introducing one and only the no.1 Website in secrets and confessions that is trending right now. And the best part is that it’s completely free to use!!😍


“All anonymous secret and confession start here. Also You can Chat privately!!”

First read the features: –

1) Send or receive secret messages.

2) Anonymous post commenting

3) Sending secret feedbacks on questions asked

4) Chat Anonymously (Trending feature)

5) Will be announced later 😉

Story (Why people wants to receive ngl secret messages?)

In this modern world of fast-growing technology. People are feeling so much insecure about what others think about them, what they like and dislike.

In this internet era, with continuously increasing social media sites. People are too worried about their likes, comments and shares. They believe low likes or low followers count are a sign that no one is not that interested in them. But that’s not actually true the more you keep your friend circle small the deeper your friendships goes whereas people with huge number of followers are seemed to feel lonelier in real life. All they end up with having just a number of friends or followers in their hands.

How to resolve issues by going anonymous with Yourtruewords?

So, this was what the ultimate truth. Even if you think like how I can know what others, or my friends actually feel about me or is there any way how I can get real honest feedbacks on my solution or like sharing a post and receive honest comments.

See no one will talk exactly about you face to face. Then you might be asking me, “what’s the solution?” Relax dear, this was the same feeling I used to have a week ago when I desperately wanted to figure out. And after searching on the web for minutes I found a solution. Now I am so relaxed it’s a kind of fun and truth or a bitter truth also. You have to embrace all these before you begin.


The solution is you have to make your friends go anonymous. This is the only possible way to reveal what they actually feel about you. See there are other websites available too what all these don’t meet my requirements as I want one single web app that can provide me receiving all types of anonymous messages in one go just by sharing one single link.

The website I found is Yourtruewords, this is a new cool web app delivering peoples true words securely and anonymously as the name says your true words this could be your ultimate destination guys. I have been using this website form past few weeks and seeing me my friends are too creating their account and sharing their link on their social media profiles the best part is you can even chat with the anonymous sender secretly.


Send me a confessout message 🥳

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