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Which Home Security System is Best in the UK?

The safety of your home and loved ones is a concern that should never be taken lightly. With crime rates fluctuating and technology continuously evolving, opting for a reliable home security system is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. This article aims not just to list some options but to thoroughly guide you through the essential considerations and top choices, ensuring you can decide on the best home security system in the UK for your needs and budget.

The Rise of Home Security in the UK

The sad truth is that burglaries are increasingly common, with one occurring every 40 seconds in the UK. Gone are the days when locking your front door was considered adequate protection. Nowadays, home security systems have progressed far beyond basic alarms and locks. With the advent of smart home technology, systems now offer a wide range of features like real-time notifications, remote monitoring, and even voice control via smart assistants like Alexa.

Factors to Consider


While it’s true that you can’t put a price on safety, your budget will still play a significant role in determining which system you can afford. Prices can range from budget-friendly DIY kits for £50 to high-end professional setups that cost over £1000.


For the DIY enthusiast, several plug-and-play options require minimal technical know-how. On the other hand, some people feel more secure with a professionally installed system, despite the extra cost, to ensure optimum functionality.

Type of Monitoring

Monitoring can be divided mainly into self-monitoring, where you are alerted to check your system’s app for activity, and professional monitoring, where a team monitors your home 24/7 and contacts authorities if necessary.

Home Size and Layout

If you live in a studio apartment, a simple setup with one camera may suffice. In contrast, larger properties may require multiple sensors and cameras, possibly even on multiple levels, to ensure complete coverage.

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Top 5 Home Security Systems in the UK

SimpliSafeMotion sensors, mobile alerts, smart locksEasy installation, low-cost, good customer serviceLimited range, requires subscription for full features£200-£400
Ring AlarmSmart home integration, cloud storage, two-way audioHighly customizable, robust features, durable hardwareHigh initial costs, monthly fees for additional features£300-£600
ADT24/7 monitoring, fire alarms, backup power supplyComprehensive protection, professional installation, rapid responseRequires long-term contract, monthly subscription£30-£50/month
Nest SecureVideo doorbell, geofencing, Google Assistant integrationExcellent mobile app, user-friendly, cloud or local storageLimited camera options, extra costs for extended cloud storage£250-£500
Arlo ProBattery-powered, outdoor cameras, night visionIdeal for renters, easy to relocate, no drilling requiredLess reliable Wi-Fi connection, limited integration with smart homes£150-£350

This should give a clearer picture of which brands offer what features, pros, and cons, as well as their pricing range.

How to Choose the Right System for You

Your lifestyle and individual needs should guide your decision. Take a moment to sit down and list what you want from a security system. Do you want real-time alerts sent to your phone? Or maybe you prefer a system that integrates with your smart home setup? A simple questionnaire or a feature-matching checklist can help tailor your options.

Legal Considerations

In the UK, there are strict regulations about video surveillance and data storage. Always consult with professionals to ensure that you’re adhering to legal requirements, particularly if your cameras will capture images beyond the boundaries of your property, like the street or a neighbor’s house.

Testimonials and User Reviews

Word-of-mouth and user reviews can offer you real-world insights that go beyond product descriptions and feature lists. Reading through reviews can provide you with unexpected but valuable information, such as the system’s reliability during power outages or the helpfulness of customer support.


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of which home security system is best for everyone in the UK. Your specific requirements, home size, and budget will significantly impact your decision. However, armed with the comprehensive information provided in this article, you are well-equipped to make an educated choice that will serve you well for years to come.

Certainly, here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that could be included at the end of the article “Which Home Security System is Best in the UK?”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are there any home security systems without monthly fees?

Answer: Yes, some systems like SimpliSafe and Ring Alarm offer options to self-monitor your home, eliminating the need for monthly fees. However, advanced features may require a subscription.

Q2: How does professional monitoring work?

Answer: With professional monitoring, a team keeps an eye on your home security 24/7. If the system detects a security breach, the monitoring center is alerted and will contact you and/or the authorities, depending on your setup and preferences.

Q3: Can I install these systems myself?

Answer: Brands like SimpliSafe and Ring Alarm offer DIY installation options that are generally simple and come with clear instructions. Others like ADT might require professional installation.

Q4: Do these systems integrate with smart home devices?

Answer: Most modern home security systems offer some level of smart home integration. Systems like Nest Secure and Ring Alarm, for instance, are compatible with smart assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa.

Q5: Are these systems pet-friendly?

Answer: Yes, many of these systems offer pet-friendly motion sensors that are designed not to be triggered by pets under a certain weight, reducing the chance of false alarms.

Q6: What are the legal requirements for CCTV in the UK?

Answer: UK laws require that any CCTV footage capturing images beyond your property must adhere to data protection laws. It’s essential to consult professionals to ensure you’re within legal limits.

Q7: How reliable are Wi-Fi-based systems?

Answer: While Wi-Fi-based systems like Arlo Pro offer easy installation and flexibility, they may suffer from connectivity issues if your home Wi-Fi network is unreliable.

Q8: Do I need an Internet connection for these security systems?

Answer: Most modern systems require an Internet connection for features like mobile alerts and remote monitoring. However, some systems may have backup options that work when your internet is down.

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