Topmost Korean Language Facts


With the vogue of Korean culture globally, there are genuinely a lot of people who are inclined to learn the Korean language. And why not? It’s the one-of-a-kind language that is extensively utilized in the lyrics of numerous K-pop songs, the language you normally hear in your favourite Korean dramas, and obviously, it’s being spoken by known idols, actors, and actresses.


The Korean language will surely become one of the most popular East Asian languages globally. Aside from learning Korean language classes in Delhi and widening your Korean vocabulary, it is also important to learn some well-known facts about one of the most demanding foreign languages to know the background culture and appreciate the language specifically. To know the highlighting facts, read further on the mentioned points.

Legit Facts about the Korean Language

  • It’s the national language of South Korea and North Korea
  • It is used in North and South Korea and differs a lot
  • The Korean Script is well-known as Hangul 
  • You will find the Korean Alphabet quite easy to learn. 
  • There are around 82 million Korean speakers globally 
  • Numerous Korean dialects include Hamgyong, Pyongan, Gyeongsang, Jeolla, etc 
  • Their “Jeju Language” has its own Separate Languages status
  • You will find it quite rich in tongue twisters. 
  • In a way, it is an isolated language. 
  • From a historical point of view, it is categorized into four legit periods. 
  • Korean is formerly utilized as “Chinese characters.”
  • “Hangul” came into existence by King Sejong
  • October 9 is officially known as Hangul Day. 
  • You will find Hangul written differently 
  • It shares numerous similarities with other languages.
  • It also comprises two counting systems 
  • It is a one-of-a-kind assemblage language. 
  •  You will find various “Konglish” words. 
  • It has no gender-grammatical preferences. 

Let’s now proceed ahead and know the best way to learn it.

The best way to learn the Korean Language

There are numerous ways to learn this demanding language. In the present digitally dominant world, you will find numerous sources to learn about Korean Phonetics, language, pronunciation, etc. For beginners, they can begin with textbooks, articles, blogs, write-up resources, etc. 

To know its cultural background, origin, and proper background, you need to acquire it from a proper source like an educational foundation, college, institute, etc. This way, you will get the opportunity to know every minute detail and accent in a better way. Not only this, withholding a proper legit Korean Language Certificate Courseyou will end up obtaining a job in the embassy, foreign language institute, educational foundation, etc.  


From the information mentioned above, it’s clear that discovering the joy of learning Korean in this fascinating language will expand your knowledge. One of the most exciting aspects is that you can effectively learn Korean to get outside exposure, if you are planning to visit or settle in Korea, to pursue further education, etc. In a nutshell, obtaining this prestigious accreditation will genuinely help you acquire some of the higher-paying jobs, and also beautify your resume.

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