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Corporate video production company can enhance a brand’s reach and provide them with the most interactive audience. And improved visibility isn’t all brands are using these videos for various purposes and getting mindblowing results. Corporate videos are getting the hype they always deserved. These videos are known for their power to communicate words and speech with clarity and transparency. Today, 84% of the brands in every industry use corporate videos as a video strategy, and 91% of businesses are adding videos as a tool, according to HubSpot and Markup. Brands in different industries hire corporate video production companies to help them create rich video content that accomplishes the brand goal smoothly and effectively. These companies are known to brands to create videos and weave some of the most uncommon and lead-converting stories. With skilled writers, researchers, strategists, and more, these video agencies are helping brands make the best videos for your brand.

In this article, we will learn how corporate videos can help you grow your brand and get to know a corporate video maker who can help you create the best corporate videos. But first, let’s look at a case to understand how video agencies create videos to help your brand.

How H&M Generate 500K Views With The Help Of Best Video Production Agency

In order to enhance viewership, the leading fashion brand H&M collaborated with the corporate video agency to help them create corporate videos with rich strategies that promote personalization to the audience. As a result, the corporate video company helped H&M make over 500K views and retain customers with 30+ videos in a five-month campaign.

But do you know which agency provided H&M with these surprising results? Guess what? It is the same leading company we were talking about. So, let’s take a look.

Best Corporate Video Production Agency in India

Vidzy. A reputable well-established top corporate video production company in India that has helped brands for over six years to create corporate videos and has supported more than 1,200 brands in various industries like beauty, real estate, health and wellness, and more. Vidzy’s top brands are H&M, Amazon, Oneplus, Zomato, Paytem, and Lenskart With its 2 lac influencers, Vidzy is helping brands get ahead of their competition in their respective classes.

Let’s see how Vidzy creates astonishing corporate videos to help brands leave the competition behind. 

Watch Your Brand Take Off With The Corporate Videos Made By Vidzy:

Different brands use various approaches to create corporate videos to maximize sales and high-quality lead intake. However, the corporate video production house in India uses a unique technique and a ton of research with uncommon storytelling. To help the brands show transparency and authenticity, Vidzy conducts industrial and market research, which contains everything from learning the audience’s perspective to real-time-based trends. With the help of trends, strategies, influencer collaboration, and storylines, corporate video production services create videos solely made for the audience of the collaborative brand, supporting the brand to generate maximum results according to its brand goal.

Now, brands may wonder. Why, corporate videos are taking the lead after so many other types of videos?

Why You Should Hire A Corporate Video Maker For Corporate Videos:

Corporate brand videos are helping brands accomplish all of their goals, from enhancing engagement to creating long-term valued content. These videos serve brands with all the video types and generate maximum outcomes. So, let’s take a look at what brands should use corporate videos.

To Enhance The Engagement Of The Brand:

These videos retain the audience’s attention with a variety of visual graphics, helping the brand enhance engagement.

Shows Authenticity And Builds Trust:

Video production for brands creates videos that promote authenticity and build trust. These videos usually include testimonials, case studies, and product demonstrations. 

Expertise Demonstration:

These videos showcase how diverse and advanced the brand is in its respective industry and can show transparency.

Versatility And Adaptability:

As these videos serve various purposes, these videos can convey the brand message more precisely and clearly.

Long-Term Value:

These videos hold the degree of performance in the long run for brands. A well-directed corporate brand video can keep attracting the audience forever. 

Since we know why a brand should put its hands on corporate videos, let’s understand why brands choose Vidzy to make corporate videos.

Why High-End Brands Like Amazon & H&M Are Making Vidzy Their Go-To Corporate Video Production House:

Vidzy Gives The Best Personal Brand Manager:

To give brands the maximum return on their investment, the corporate video production company in India assigns a brand manager who has experience managing online video campaigns and has excelled in the field. The post-production stage that aids in the brand’s maximum achievement of its objective is known as the personal manager advantage.

Take Benefit Of Their Cost-Effective Solutions:

The best corporate video production house is known among startups as well as established companies because of their reasonable prices for videos. The best and most original storylines combined with excellent display quality give these videos an abundance of content and an upscale appearance, but they are quite affordable.

Make Sure To Spread A Clear Message With Its Clear CTA Features:

Vidzy helps brands gain a message that is rich with a clear speech. This helps the brands spread the message more transparently and the clear CTA maximizes the results.


Corporate videos are already working like magic and looking at the stats of brands after using corporate videos has helped them change the stats drastically and brands are getting more quality leads, higher sales, and more. Brands that are looking to include corporate videos, making the best decision. These videos help brands generate maximum results and provide brands with enhanced images and more visible results. Choose the best corporate video production company, Vidzy to accelerate your brand’s sales and awareness through high quality engaging corporate videos that meet your objectives and goals.

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