Panna stone Tracing Journey from Raw Minerals to Jewels

panna stone

The beautiful green-colored gemstone that has impressed gem enthusiasts is the emeraldpeople have known the green variety of the beryl mineral for its mystical properties. The name “emerald” derives from the ancient Greek word ‘samaragdus,’ which means ‘green.’ The great Roman author Pliny the Elder described the original panna stone as nothing greener than this gemstone. In the words of the great Roman author Pliny, the Elder, original panna stone is described as nothing greener than this gemstone. The mesmerizing color of this gemstone holds great significance as its soft and green color is comforting and relieves stress and eye strain. 

Formation and Mining of Emeralds 

The beryl crystal forms the emerald stone, and the characteristic green color is due to chromium, vanadium, and iron. The geological process in the stone’s formation occurs in hydrothermal veins associated with granitic rocks. The mineral-rich fluids inside the veins undergo internal heat and pressure. The fluids also interact with the surrounding rocks, forming the Panna stone. Erosion gradually brings the green-colored crystals to the surface over time.. The largest emerald mines in antiquity were those of Egyptian emerald mines. These mines possessed the earlier deposits of the emerald stone and lasted till the 16th century. In modern times, the world production of emeralds is mainly from Pakistan, Colombia, Afghanistan, Mozambique, Africa, Nigeria, Madagascar, Brazil, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

Mining Emeralds and Challenges 

Miners extract emeralds manually using the opencast method, sorting stones based on their size, shape, and quality. This method involves digging a large pit deeply and blasting it with water. Another process, known as terrace mining, creates parallel steps alongside the pit. These steps are the exploration spots where miners can search for emerald-containing rock. The other mining process, tunnel mining, includes digging a tunnel through the earth’s surface. This tunnel goes straight away to the emerald-rich rock. The local miners’ challenges reflect what goes beyond making an emerald stone come alive.

Transforming Rough Emerald Stone into fine gemstones 

Extracting rough emeralds deep inside the earth is a labor-intensive method. After extracting these rough gems, skilled cutters give them the desired shape: oval, round, emerald cut, and more. Skilled gem cutters perform the art of cutting an emerald gemstone. This is because the gemstones feature internal inclusions, and thus, the skilled artistry gives a beautiful shape to the stone. The natural fissures in the stone make it more prone to damage. After cutting and polishing, the final product is a beautiful Pachu stone ready to embark on its journey as a jewelry piece.

Enhancement and treatment of Panna stone

Gemstone treatment is a common process that colored stones undergo. The treatment process helps in improving the color and clarity of the stone. In the case of emeralds, the common enhancement process involves oiling and using resin, oil, and colored oil. The emerald green color of the stone begins its journey from setting into the jewelry. Untreated and natural emerald stones are the rare ones. The vivid color of the stone, few or no inclusions, high carat weight, and clean cut marks for the expensiveness of the stone. 

Designing and Setting of jewelry 

Setting the emerald stone in any jewelry design must be done precisely. This beautiful gemstone has a hexagonal crystal structure, and the rough pieces generally have short rectangular forms. When searching for the best emeralds in jewelry, one should look for the magnificent green color and fine clarity of the stone. Colombian or Zambian emeralds are perfect for engagement rings or other stylish jewelry. This is because the stones feature a beautiful green color with amazing clarity. The gemstone is perfectly set and goes well with every metal color. Whether yellow, rose white, gold, or platinum, the green-hued gemstone looks beautiful with every color.  

Exquisite Emerald Jewelry 

In modern times, the significance of emerald jewelry has increased by many folds. In ancient history, when the gemstone was used as a talisman or truth bearer, the meaning of the stone has changed with time. The green color of the stone symbolizes growth, fertility, and peace. The stone is a popular choice for a unique engagement ring due to its powerful significance and beauty. The gemstone goes well with diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones. For instance, the celebrities adorning the vibrance of the green stone with other stones is a perfect example of an extravagant mix. The diamond and emerald ring worn by Elizabeth Olsen, the bewitching Toi Et Moi emerald engagement ring of Megan Fox, or the emerald cluster engagement ring of Irina Shayk. These are just a few names of celebrities showing their love for emerald stone; there are many more to name. 
To conclude, the love for green emeralds has evolved with time. Customized emerald jewelry allows the gemstone lover to get the design of their choice. You can browse for customized rings at Navratan, the best online gem bazaar in India. There are a wide variety of natural emerald stones of different origins available. Buying Panna stone at Navratan depends on the 4’C’s parameters. Shop for the vivid-hued emerald from the best online gem bazaar!

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