Learn the Best Ways to Export Gmail Emails to Outlook

Are you looking for the finest method to export gmail emails to Outlook? But if you’re still unsure about the greatest email client. So don’t worry; we’ll provide you with a comprehensive answer to all of your questions in this blog. Please continue reading to learn how to transfer emails from gmail to Outlook in 2021, 2019, or 2016.

Google Mail is unquestionably the best webmail service available. It is regularly used by a large number of people, and all of them are happy with it. However, in order to switch from a Gmail account to Microsoft Outlook, you must be convinced that all of your Gmail messages will be safely transferred.

Why Can It Be Difficult to Export Gmail Emails to Outlook?

In actuality, there are billions of individuals who have set up their email addresses with Google Mail or Gmail. However, some people want to undertake a Gmail to Outlook transfer for business-related reasons. The fact that Google and Microsoft are wary of one another is a significant issue with this email transfer process.

This typically suggests that there are no efficient techniques to convert Gmail to Outlook that are currently available. In fact, you can export all of your Gmail emails to PST using a variety of online applications.

Unfortunately, manually transferring emails from a Gmail account to an Outlook account is no longer safe. Missing bulk mail during such migrations is one of the most well-known problems.

Why A User Required to Transfer Emails From Gmail to Outlook?

1. Switching Email Platforms
2. To Access emails offline
3. To unify or merge other email accounts to access easily
4. To enhance the mail management
5. To get the compatibility with Workflows

How Can You Export Gmail Emails to Outlook in a Manual Way

Using this method, the user will need to create a new account in Outlook and configure it with the older gmail mailbox by setting up the IMAP. This way users will be able to get all the mail. Go through the guided steps to transfer emails from gmail to Outlook.

  1. Enter your Gmail login information.
  2. Tap the gears symbol to access the settings page.
  3. To open the Settings window, click the See All Settings button.
  4. Go to the POP/IMAP and Forwarding tab.
  5. Select the Enable IMAP option under IMAP settings, then click the Save button.

After applying the above-mentioned steps, MS Outlook will be able to access Gmail messages via IMAP.
Google email must now be synchronised with your Microsoft Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, or 2013 account. There are a couple of further actions you must do in order to finish the email transfer process:

  • Launch Outlook 2019 and 2016 >> Menu File >> Add a user.
  • Enter your name, account username, and password, along with the Gmail email credentials.
  • When finished, press the Finish button.

Usually, the manual solution is helpful in most cases, however, in some situations all emails don’t get exported from gmail to Outlook. Sometimes exporting emails improperly from Gmail also causes errors due to which the user fails to transfer all emails to Outlook.
So need to be sure that you follow and apply each step properly to get the expected results.

Use Instant Solution to Export Gmail Emails to Outlook

We know that Outlook supports PST format. So, here, we will need to first change the format into PST and then import it into Outlook. Now the question will arise of how to convert the Gmail emails files into PST format.
Well using the Gmail Backup Tool, one can easily get the gmail email backup and export directly into any format like PDF, EML, MBOX, or PST. For Outlook users can select the PST option to convert in and directly import that PST file in Outlook. The user also gets the option Delete after Download to create space in the Google account once the downloading process is done.
Follow the steps to take the required mail backups and export gmail emails to Outlook:

  • Download & install the tool to transfer Gmail to Outlook.
export gmail emails to Outlook
  • Now, select the Categories that you want to export & for email format, select PST.
choose category and export type
  • Choose the destination to save the exported file which is PST, using the Browse Button.
set the path to export the backup
  • Once the exporting file path is selected and filters are applied, click Start to begin transferring and download gmail emails to Outlook.
export gmail emails to Outlook

The software will show the export process. Once all the backup data is transferred into PST format, you can access all your Gmail data in Outlook by selecting that PST file when using MS Outlook.

Benefits of This Software

  1. Can use the Email- Filter to get the selected email backup.
  2. Allows to backup data of One or multiple Gmail Accounts.
  3. Users can back up and export their gmail data in PST, PDF, MSG, EML, MBOX, VCF, and ICS.
  4. Provide an Incremental Backup option to save new Gmail emails and Delete After Download which helps to delete the emails once the Gmail email backup process is done.
  5. Users can download the Gmail backup data on local systems or any desired place.
  6. One can easily back up Google Docs, Images, Slides, Spreadsheets, and videos.
  7. It offers to save the Google Calendars event locally in standard ICS file format.
  8. It only takes the backup of the “@googlemail.com” domain.

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Based on several reasons, the users are required to export gmail emails to Outlook. In terms of accessibility and mail management, Outlook is most preferred and a few users tend to transfer emails from Gmail. However, some user fails to get the best solutions to transfer emails from gmail to Outlook. Hence in this post, we have clearly explained Manual solutions and automated solutions to backup and export the required Gmail emails to Outlook(PST).

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