How to Import Outlook Archive PST File Windows to OLM File?

Are you a Mac user who receive Windows Outlook PST files on the system in a bulk? Now wondering how to import Outlook archive PST file Windows to OLM file properly? Finding a solution for the same? No worries, the write-up has provided a method that will help in importing Outlook archive PST file Windows to OLM file with emails, contacts, calendars, and other items appropriately.

PST and OLM are the file formats of the same source i.e. Microsoft Outlook. The file formats are the only difference that a user may find otherwise they both are popular and are created when a user export the important database from their account and save the same to the desktop.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the widely used email platform that is widespread among business professionals. It is known as personal information manager as it helps in managing user’s database such as emails, meeting schedules, contact details, etc.

Why it is necessary to import Outlook Archive PST file Windows to OLM file?

At first, the email client was introduced for Windows but due to its popularity in a short time, it was then designed for Mac Outlook.

And there are users who moves from Windows to Mac quite a lot. So, a user with Outlook on Windows will make sure to use Outlook on Mac as well. Because both are similar, having the same GUI and options. But the only challenge is accessing PST files in Mac Outlook.

Although, Outlook for Mac has an option to import Outlook archive PST file Windows to Mac Outlook file. But, it is suitable for a few PST files.

However, if the number of PSTs is large, then it is recommended to convert all PST files in a single OLM file. Because doing this will make the process easier. Users need to import that OLM file in Outlook for Mac and view the data without any problem.

Let’s see how to import Outlook archive PST file Windows to OLM file.

How to Import Outlook Archive PST File Windows to OLM File?

With the help of MacMister PST to OLM Converter, users can batch import Outlook archive PST file Windows to OLM file with all the data items. The application is easy to use and cost-effective. Any user can effortlessly operate the software and perform the conversion within seconds. Even, the operational steps will save the efforts as they are just three in total and help you to import Outlook archive PST file Windows to Mac Outlook in three seconds.

Moreover, the application is built up with many features and options that help users import Outlook archive file Windows to OLM files according to their requirements. And, if a user wants to check the same, then download the free demo now.

Working Steps to Import Outlook Archive PST File Windows to OLM File

Step 1. Install and run MacMister PST to OLM Tool on a macOS.

Step 2. Utilize the Add File(s) button and add necessary PST files on the application pane or go with the Add Folder button to add the folder of multiple PST files on the software and click on Next.

load PST files

Step 3. The software will read those files and list them one-by-one on the tool with checkboxes. Note. The checkbox will help in importing the selective PST files, if required otherwise press the Next button.

selective PST file conversion

Step 4.  Click on the Select Saving Options and choose OLM file format from the list.

choose OLM as a saving option

Step 5. Set the OLM options according to your choice and start the process by clicking Export button.

set OLM options

Step 6. Now view the live process appearing on Live Conversion Report and track the ongoing conversion progress of PST files.

PST to OLM conversion process.

The task will finish within seconds and show “Conversion Completed”. Click the OK button and go to Mac Outlook email client to transfer resultant files.

Guide to Transfer Resultant Files in Mac Outlook

Step 1. Open Outlook for Mac email client.

Step 2. Click Tools and go to Import.

Step 3. Choose Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm).

Step 4. Click on Continue.

Step 5. Navigate to the location of resultant OLM files. Select them and click Import.

The process will start and when it finishes, you will be able to see the imported file on the left navigation pane under On My Computer.

You click on the required item to view the data of its files. However, you will see that the content and formatting properties is 100% accurate.


The entire article has provided an option to import archive PST file Windows to OLM file on Mac OS. The MacMister PST Converter for Mac is a smart tool with the help of users can import unlimited archive PST file of Windows Outlook to OLM file at once and with all the data items. The result will be accurate and original. Download the trial edition and evaluate the conversion for free. Also, import first 25 files from PST folder free of cost.

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