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How to Find Trending Sounds on Instagram Reels

How to Find Trending Sounds on Instagram Reels: A Comprehensive Guide


Instagram Reels has become a powerhouse for content creators, offering a platform to showcase creativity and engage with a wide audience. One crucial aspect of creating compelling Reels is using trending sounds that resonate with the viewers. In this article, we will delve into effective strategies on how to find trending sounds on Instagram Reels and make your content stand out.

Exploring Instagram’s Audio Library

Instagram boasts a vast audio library encompassing an array of genres and moods. Navigating this library strategically can help you find the perfect sounds for your Reels.

Utilizing the Search Functionality

The first step in discovering trending sounds is leveraging the search function within the Instagram app.

Exploring the ‘Trending’ Section

Instagram curates a ‘Trending’ section within the audio library, featuring sounds that are currently popular among users. This section is an excellent resource for discovering what’s hot and trending.

Following Influential Creators

Following influential creators on Instagram can provide insights into the sounds they are using for their Reels. These creators often set trends and can guide you in finding popular sounds.

Leveraging Hashtags

Hashtags play a vital role in categorizing content on Instagram, making it easier to find trending sounds.

Searching Relevant Hashtags

Search for hashtags related to your content niche or theme. Often, trending sounds are associated with trending hashtags.

Exploring Hashtag Challenges

Instagram frequently hosts hashtag challenges, providing a collection of trending sounds associated with the challenge theme. Participating in these challenges can boost the visibility of your content.

Engaging with the Community

Engaging with the Instagram community is a proactive approach to discovering trending sounds.

Participating in Collaborations

Collaborating with fellow creators exposes you to new sounds and trends. It’s an excellent way to diversify your sound repertoire.

Seeking Recommendations

Engage with your audience by seeking recommendations for trending sounds. Your real instagram followers australia can offer valuable insights and introduce you to new audio trends.

External Sources

In addition to Instagram’s internal features, exploring external sources can broaden your horizon in finding trending sounds.

Music Streaming Platforms

Platforms like Spotify and Apple Music often feature trending tracks. Incorporate popular tracks from these platforms into your Reels for a contemporary touch.

Trending Song Charts

Keep an eye on various music charts that highlight trending songs. Integrating these songs into your Reels can make your content more relatable to a broader audience.


How frequently should I update my selection of sounds?

Regularly updating your sound selection is crucial to staying current with trends. Aim to update your sounds at least once a week to keep your content fresh and engaging.

Can I use copyrighted music in my Reels?

Using copyrighted music without proper licensing can lead to content removal or account penalties. It’s advisable to use sounds from Instagram’s library or licensed tracks to avoid any issues.

Are there specific sounds for different content niches?

Yes, certain sounds resonate more with specific content niches. For instance, lifestyle content may use upbeat music, while tutorial content may opt for educational or instrumental sounds.

How do I know if a sound is trending?

A sound is considered trending if it’s widely used and engaged with by the Instagram community. High usage, likes, and shares indicate a trending sound.

Can I create my own sound for Reels?

Yes, Instagram allows you to create and upload your own sounds. Creating unique and catchy sounds can set your content apart and potentially start a new trend.

Do sound choices affect my reach and engagement?

Absolutely. Using trending and engaging sounds can significantly impact your reach and engagement. Trending sounds capture the interest of a broader audience and enhance overall interaction with your content.


Mastering the art of finding trending sounds on Instagram Reels can revolutionize your content creation and audience engagement. By exploring Instagram’s audio library, utilizing hashtags, engaging with the community, and considering external sources, you can stay ahead of the curve and produce captivating Reels that resonate with your audience.

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